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We are playing
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We are playing catch up

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If you were to go back in time 100 years the world would be completely different. The cars we drive, the technology we use, the way we dress, the roles people have in society would all be drastically different.

Everything except our education system.

For some some reason our education system has lacked innovation where other areas thrived.

Many of the skills we learn are no longer relevant in this ever changing modern world.

So how do we keep up?

An Outdated System

In 1837 Horace Mann created the education system. A system
at the time, designed to pump out factory workers and professors.

The same system that is still being used today in the 21st century.

Now Mann’s system is backfiring. We are being moulded by the same industrial system that has existed for close to 200 years.

But today, that system delivers us into a digital economy that has no need of our outdated skills.

This isn’t our teacher’s fault, this isn’t the government’s fault, this is due to a rapidly changing world full of technology and unforeseen circumstances… and us GEN Z’s are caught in the middle.

While Driven Young is big on socialising, we also prioritise teaching important life skills through a variety of podcasts and online workshops.

Get access to our library of past workshops, free and
immediate access to over 200 hours of educational
podcasting content covering topics such as:

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Topics you can learn​

While this program is big on socialising, it also prioritises teaching important life skills through our education section.

Get access to our online course with all past sessions as well as weekly live sessions with mentors from around the world teaching you skills such as:

  • Resume Building formulas
  • Job interview Techniques
  • Limiting beliefs
  • Financial Management
  • Finding a mentor
  • Growing your network
  • Consent Education
  • Starting a business
  • Communication skills
  • Goal-setting
  • How to buy your first home
  • How to change a tyre
  • Drugs and alcohol
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Come along to our regular workshops where we discuss how to manage your money and do your taxes, grow your network, get access to top internship programs, start a business, and more.


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