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Learn The Exact System I Use Growing My Podcast to Over 500,000 Downloads,

120 MILLION Views and 600,000 Followers In Less Than 12 Months Through TikTok

Turn Your Podcast Into a Video Podcast, Creating 20+ Videos a Week & Generating Thousands of new listeners 

Has Your Podcast Stagnated? Do You Lack Motivation and Struggle to Keep Posting Content?

85% of podcasts don't make it past 7 episodes, many people don't have the systems in place to maintain a weekly podcast, let alone continually put out content day in and day out.

I was the same when I started my podcast back in 2019. I had a vision to reach thousands and thousands of young people, but 6 months in I was averaging 30-60 downloads an episode and putting in hours and hours of work for almost no return.

Despite the fact that I knew I wasn't doing it for the downloads or followers, I felt as if though I wasn't receiving the results I wanted.

But in order to grow on social media platforms such as Instagram and TikTok, you need to be posting at least once if not multiple times a day.

And while still running my business full time I just didn't have the time or the energy to create that much content. Scripting video ideas, sitting infront of the camera for hours and hours each week was just not a realistic option. 

Until I discovered a system and formula that would allow me to create 30+ videos a week without scripting, sitting in front of the camera at all.

A system that has allowed me to grow my podcast to over 500,000 downloads and that I now run on autopilot without even thinking.

Introducing Video For Podcasters &

 TikTok Growth For Podcasters 

I'll Show You How With This All In One "Video For Podcasters" Short Online Course, Where You'll Learn How to Fast-Track Your Video Content, Skyrocket Your Podcast and Build Your Personal Brand All At The Same Time Without Writing Scripts or Looking Down The Camera.

Special offer! Enroll now and get a 60% discount !


WARNING: Your Could Be Wasting Hours a Week of Podcast Footage

Most podcasters are completely unaware how much content and value they are leaving on the table. Posting your podcast to Apple and Spotify is the bare minimum.

How I am creating THIRTY+ videos a week, every week from my own podcast

Creating video content every week can be much easier than you think. Many people simply don't know the correct steps to take, which makes them take far longer than they need to.

The Easy Way To Systemise Your Video Content Each and Every Month on Repeat

We'll reveal the bulletproof, step by step strategies we've used to achieve impressive results for ourselves and our clients.

I'll reveal the bulletproof, step by step strategies I've used to achieve impressive results for myself and other podcasters 

Nearly every person looking to create consistent video content makes these common yet fatal mistakes - find out what they are so you can avoid them!

Create Unlimited Video Content From Your Podcast

Using this strategy you will never have to worry about creating content again. I easily create 30+ videos per podcast episode.

Gain Thousands of Excited New Listeners

Get access to high quality new listeners who are excited to listen to your podcast and become genuine fans of your content.

Get Access to my Proven Viral Video/TikTok Strategy 

Get access to my exact viral video strategy that has got my podcast viewed over 100 million times in less than a year.

Attract Tens of Thousands of New Followers

Grow your social media channels with real authentic content leveraging organic videos sending thousands of new people to your channels.

What I Have Achieved In Less Than 12 MONTHS

In less than 12 months I have grown two podcasting accounts to 300,000 followers each with a total of 120 million+ views. Using the exact strategy I teach in the course you are able to replicate exactly what I do with your own podcast reaching tens of thousands of new people.

What I Have Achieved In Less Than 12 MONTHS

In less than 12 months I have grown two podcasting accounts to 300,000 followers each with a total of 120 million+ views. Using the exact strategy I teach in the course you are able to replicate exactly what I do with your own podcast reaching tens of thousands of new people.

Here’s what results our students are getting

What's Inside The Course?


Module 1: What to expect and why you MUST be filming your podcast.

In this section we discuss why this video strategy is so powerful and how if you aren't filming each of your episodes you are leaving a huge opportunity on the table.


Module 2: How To Film Your Podcast

This section will teach you what equipment you should use at each budget level, what settings you should use, how to setup a studio, how to setup filming on the run even if you are by yourself and what software to use if you host an online platform.


Module 3: How To Edit a Video Podcast 

Here you get access to the exact systems my team and I use to create over 100 videos a week. Systems that took me over 2 years to create, in depth editing guides, tips asn hacks that will save you or your team hours of time.


Module 4: My Viral Video Formula

Get instant access to my viral video formula that has generated me over 120,000,000 views with NO ad spend. Here I will teach you how to create your content, how to Title your videos and position them in a way making them irresistible to watch.


Module 5: My Video Repurposing Strategy 

Learn how to turn your podcast into 30+ videos in less than 2 hours using MY EXACT EDITING METHOD, I will teach you how to organise, edit, subtitle and export. Everything you need to know to create videos exactly the way I create them... AT SCALE.


Module 6: How to Schedule and Organise Your Content

Learn how to schedule and organise all of your new content so you can stay organised and manage multiple social media channels at once. 


Not only do you get access to my exact video workflow and system, I have also thrown in a few bonuses to help you get started ASAP.

Bonus 1
TikTok Growth for Podcasters

Learn how to get started on TikTok, how the platform works and how you will be able utilise the insane organic growth to generate thousands of new listeners.

Bonus 2
My Content Planner
 NOTION Template 

The exact Project Management template I use with my team to keep track and manage hundreds of new videos a week for a variety of podcasters around the world. Simply plug and play directly into your Notion.

Bonus 3
Instagram customisable 
video template for CANVA

Get bonus access to the Instagram T.V template we use for our clients when they wish to post a video on instagram which is longer than 60 seconds.


I'm Byron Dempsey

I'm the founder and host Driven Young and the Driven Young Podcast Network.
With over 600,000 followers and over 500,000 podcast downloads I focus on teaching practical life skills we didn’t learn in school to Gen Z.

I have used my podcast to build a large following and it is now the backbone of my business, as my team and I begin to expand into a large video podcast network. 

I have been in video marketing for over 5 years and I decided it was finally time to share what I have learnt and built in that time.

Driven Young Founder


I have been in video marketing now for over 5 years. The systems I am teaching in this course would have saved me hundreds and hundreds of hours had I got access to this when I started. I spent thousands of dollars building out this systems and split testing to see what works best. Even today I am constantly updating my templates and structures as software is updated and new programs and released.

This course has everything you will need to turn your podcast into a video podcast and start leveraging it to grow your audience, you don't have to spend $5000, hours and hours researching and split testing like I did. I am giving away everything I have learnt that has grown my personal brand, my podcast and opened up incredible opportunities for me.


Simple, One Time Payment FOR BOTH COURSES


247 $97

  • 20+ VIDEOS 

100% Satisfaction Guarantee for 30-Days

At 'Video for Podcasters' we are so confident in the work we do, within the first 30 days of working together, if you are unhappy with your course or don't think the content was up to standard, we will give you a full refund, no questions asked.

We only take the best pieces of content relevant to you, so you and your team can start producing consistent high quality video content for you and your podcast every month like clockwork.

You get all this and if for some strange reason you are unhappy or not satisfied with the 'Video for Podcasters' short course - simply let us know within 30 days and we'll refund every cent of your investment - hassle free.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does this course work for online podcasts?

Yes, in the course I teach how to apply what you learn online and in person. I also show you my favourite software for online interviews.

Why is the course so low priced?

This course was originally priced at $447, then dropped to $247 and now $97. I am busy working on my podcast and other projects and I don't have time to work on this full time. I believe this course could sell for much more but I also know how little money can be made in podcasting and hope this can provide some value to you.

Do I need to have a podcast?

No you don't, this is a great course of those thinking of starting a podcast as you can set it up as a video podcast from day one. This strategy also works well for speakers or anyone who creates long form content that can be repurposed into smaller clips.

A personal note

If you are a podcaster or looking to start a podcast and understand how powerful video content can be to grow your audience and brand I hope you consider this course. I have put many hours into creating its content, I personally use this very course to train up new team members and editors when I onboard them.

All the best with your podcast journey!

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