Driven Young Team
The DYP team is made up of a variety of people. All these people share the values of the program. They are pursuing careers that motivate and inspire them, they live and breathe the program's values.
Lily Wang
Community Manager 
Elijah Nassif 

Sales and Logistics

Will Pembroke


Program Mentors

Each program is supported by a team of mentors who volunteer their time to help run events, keep you accountable and support you through your journey.

Our mentors are all "Driven Young" people and have been involved with the program since the beginning.

Annelise McCarthy
Annelise McCarthy is a Women’s Speaking Coach who empowers women to master the skills of confidence, communication, and Public Speaking.
Annelise is the owner and founder of ‘Her Speaking Coach’, a company that is on the mission to make speaking fun, empowering, and sexy for women globally.

Pace Randolph

Pace Randolph is a musician, content creator and entertainer. With over 600K followers across social media and over 1 million streams on his music, Pace has built a dedicated community.

He is best known for collaborating with his fans to form The Choir Imperfect, with over 1500 people singing on his releases using the power of TikTok duets.

Eleanor Ivery

Eleanor Ivery (Elle) is an ambitious individual from Tasmania (lutruwita) who has a passion for helping others reach their full potential.

She is involved in the Driven Young Program and EmpowerU where she dedicates her time and energy to fostering success for others. She values community, personal growth and always looks for new adventures and good times.

Josh Van Zwieten

Josh is a mechanic, podcaster and adventure enthusiast.

He desires genuine conversations that are based on vulnerability and honesty. Whether it’s cycling through the Australian alps or training for a world record, know that Josh is always smiling and chasing the laughs

Lily Wang

Lily is a boss in the world of entrepreneurship and education, passionately involved in start-ups such as the Driven Young Program and Generational Entrepreneur.

Inspiring the next generation of leaders through workshops and tournaments, all while elbow deep in dirt at the local community garden, scaring the bejeezus out of stink bugs.

Andrew Riis

Andrew has spent the last decade experimenting with the simple power of saying hello. Along the way, he’s done everything from collaborate with Yes Theory, do comedy alongside a Noble Peace Prize Winner, bring an Uber driver in a helicopter, and even get Google to sponsor some of his events.

Beyond making the impossible possible, he’s passionate about the power of community and connection to create joy in our day to day lives.


Each program is supported by a team of volunteers!

All volunteers are past members who have come back to help support people through their experience.

Our volunteers are here to help take members through the process and support the team.

Want to find out more about the program, come along to our free info night session.
 Want to find out more about the program, come along to our free info night session.