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Consent & consequences

S.A Survivors Resources

with brent sanders

About Brent Sanders

Brent Sanders is one of Australia’s most respected communicators in the field of workplace harassment, bullying and discrimination. He also presents lectures throughout Australia on sexual crime, criminal profiling and personal safety in senior secondary schools and universities. Over two decades, Brent has provided more than 850 000 people with the tools and mindset to create a harassment-free work environment or to understanding the dynamics of sexual crime, offender psychology and self-protection.

Dear Listener

The information provided on the "Consent and Consequences" podcast can be very confronting to many people. Brent gets 20-30 young women a week approach him after his talks to let him know after the information they just heard they realised they were sexually assaulted.

If you had a similar realisation after listening to the podcast then please check out the steps and resources provided below to help you.

Please watch the video provided --->

Steps to take

Join the facebook support group

You are not alone, please consider joining out Facebook support group for S.A survivors and safe place where people can connect, share their stories and share valuable resources.

Speak to someone 

A good first step when confronting this information is to speak to someone. Whether that be a close friend, a family member, a sexual assault helpline or even someone from the Police (please refer to the video above)


It is well within your right to get the Police involved should you choose too. Please note you do not have to get them involved, it is 100% your decision. However if you are on the fence you are more than welcome to sit down with someone from the sex crimes unit to discuss your situation and see what your options are. You do not have to open a case or press charges but sometimes getting advice from a trained expert can give you some clarity around what your next options are.