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Byron dempsey school presentations

"There wasn’t one student who didn’t walk out of the presentation with valuable tools to add to their life tool box."

Give your senior students the tools and strategies from the top rated education podcast for young people "Driven Young" to apply within a school setting.

Imagine if your students took more accountability and ownership, were more driven, motivated and focused, or showed more gratitude...

Why This School Talk?

This is a generation that:

- Has high rates of suicide and depression

- Has grown up addicted to rapidly changing technology

- Is often forced into a degree not suited for them thanks to society’s norms

- Is 65% likely to work in a job that doesn’t exist yet

- Is unlikely to ever own a home due to real estate prices 

- Is more stressed, overwhelmed, directionless and lost than ever before

(COVID-19 did not help this)

That is just a few examples of why I want to help this generation (my generation), who despite having so much opportunity, so few seem to leverage it or take advantage of it.

That is why I started the podcast and this presentation, to provide some practical advice from someone in the same generation as the students who knows what they are going through.




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I'm Byron Dempsey

Byron Dempsey is the founder and host of Driven Young and the Driven Young Podcast.
With over 280,000 followers and over 250,000 podcast downloads Byron focuses on teaching practical life skills such as emotional intelligence, building your network, critical thinking, communication skills, money and finance and much more.

Byron is also heavily involved with:

- The 530 Club Movement 
- Empower U (personal development/life skills event for teenagers)
- Sexual Assault Education with Brent Sanders

Having seen so many young people who are stressed, overwhelmed and over all directionless in life, Byron aims to provide education that helps close this gap and give some guidance to students who are unsure of what to do with their life and what immediate next steps they should take.

Driven Young Founder

What will your students learn in this talk?

Getting out of your comfort zone

This generation is very comfortable and we find very few kids ever step out of their comfort zone. But by getting out of your comfort zone, that is where the growth happens.

From a Presenter who was in your shoes

Byron Dempsey is 22 years old and knows exactly what your students are going through because he went through it only a few years ago, making this talk incredibly relatable and relevant.

Facing burnout and societal expectations 

Many students begin to burn out from stress and pressure in senior years of high-school. this is a big part of the presentation as we teach some practical advice to help avoid this for your students.

It was such a privilege for our Year 9 and Year 10 students to engage in Byron’s presentation. I say “engage” instead of “listen” because Byron was not only making topics like unlocking your unique potential and stepping out of your comfort zone accessible to this age group but he was getting the student’s input right from the very beginning so it was different to your stock-standard school presentations. Byron’s success is a prime example of what happens when young people take action and create opportunities for themselves. This meant that he had credibility in the eyes of the students and was also an amazing example to each of them. There wasn’t one student who didn’t walk out of the presentation with valuable tools to add to their life tool box.

Kirstine Ciappara | Teacher

St Lukes Catholic College 

Keynote Presentation 

"Using Your Youth To Explore Your Passions"

What can you expect to be covered in this presentation?

(Note: Content covered can be customised depending on students age & studies. Enquire with Byron personally.)


Section 1: What is success? & Societal expectations 

  • Open with a fun excersise to get people warmed up and comfortable  
  • Byron will share a powerful analogy letting students now how much potential they have despite the negative beliefs they may have about themselves 
  • How did the most successful people we look up to achieve what they have? More importantly what is success?


Section 2: Comfort Zones

  • What is a comfort zone? Why do we stay in our comfort zone and why that is so dangerous.
  • Why we have negative associations with stepping outside of our comfort zones. And how we can change that to positives.
  • But make sure you focus on the benefits that the customer would get just by taking this module on it’s own 


Section 3: Top regret of the dying

  • Unpacking my favourite quote: The top regret of the dying
  • The toxicity of comparison and the illusion of happiness. Why comparing yourself to people online is effecting our mental health
  • Why now is the best time to take risks, using your youth to explore your passions
  • How you can do anything you want in this modern world of opportunities 

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Byrons Podcasts

Driven Young

The main podcast that started it all, Driven Young is hosted by Byron Dempsey and interviews people from all different facets in life. Teaching practical life skills this podcast focuses on an array of topics aimed at providing a holistic education to young adults.

Consent & Consequences

This podcast aims to provide in-depth education when it comes to: Sexual assault awareness, Consent, Age, Alcohol, The Law, definitions And so much more... Join Byron Dempsey as he interviews one of Australia’s most respected communicators in the field of workplace harassment, bullying and discrimination Brent Sanders. 

the530club Podcast

The podcast for the Australia wide movement "530 Club". Join not just Byron Dempsey and Auri Schibli, but the 530 club members who want to share how 5:30 club has changed their life! The 530 Club This podcast is our way to capture tips, tricks, and stories for you to listen and get inspired by.

About Driven Young

Driven Young is a podcast network designed to provide education to young Australians. Its main podcast "Driven Young" has amassed a large following online and received over 250,000 downloads across the 60+ episodes. This is often very exciting for high school students as many students recognise Byron from TikTok or have listened to the Driven Young podcast before.

Driven Young Testimonials




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5 star reviews


We are excited to announce an incredible partnership between Byron and Empower U. At Empower U we believe life skills and personal development should be an integral part of every young person's education. That's why each year, we are proud to award over 


in scholarships and grants to schools and individuals within the community.

As part of this package with Byron, your school will have access to 10 scholarships (Valued at $5500) to send students to a youth development weekend - "Empower U " in the city of their choice. Empower U has been developing young people with dynamic programs for 20 years. The scholarships invite students to join Byron and other amazing speakers for two full days of education including financial literacy, emotional intelligence, critical thinking and mental well being, wrapped up in fun, interactive format. Attendees are also introduced to a community of other young people to form friendships and support networks.

Our scholarship program is "the difference that makes the difference" for so many of our young people. Whether they are struggling socially, or academically, or really excelling across the board, the Empower U Program is designed to take them to the next level and help them reach their full potential.

NOTE FROM BYRON: "Empower U is life changing. It is something I wish I had when I was in high school and I am honoured to be apart of it. I have personally helped over 500 students through this program and its amazing to see young people step out of their comfort zones realise their potential. I highly suggest any young person attends this program if given the opportunity, which is why I am excited to offer these scholarships as apart of my presentation!"

Want to find out more about this? Click here to watch the video

Get in touch with Byron

Sydney, Australia 

+61 490054241