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  • Housing prices are too high
  • Cost of living makes it hard to save
  • Affordability and achievability
  • Most people have ridden it off
  • The initial deposit is so high you don’t bother trying
  • It seems hopeless and impossible to get into the market
  • It is complicated and we don’t know where to start
  • You aren’t sure who to trust
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Most companies don’t work with young people and prefer to work with middle aged high income earners as it makes them more money.

This makes it very difficult to find companies and people for young people to trust

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  • Buy where you can afford not where you want to live
  • Leverage TMAP’s years of relationship building
  • Lower the cost of entry ($100k Deposit $10k Deposit)
  • Leverage Other Peoples Money (OPM)



19, single, no help


22, Had help,
Made $250k in 6 months


Terrance and Susan
19/20, two properties,
18 months got engaged

Who Are We

Driven Young is dedicated to providing practical life skills to young Australians. The Driven Young podcast network now has 5 educational shows and has amassed a following of over 1.2million followers online with over 700,000 downloads.

We specialise in working with young people and understand the struggles you face when it comes to entering the property market, that is why we have partnered up with Teach Me About Property

  • We work exclusively with young people, we know your struggles and the difficulties you face when entering the property market.
  • That is why we have created a solution specifically for you.
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DYP Team Meeting
DYP Property Ownership

Over the last four and a half years TMAP has helped almost 1,200 families to realise their property dreams. We’ve learnt a few things along the way and have experienced that most families are in a much stronger financial position than they realise, with a bit of help, some expert guidance, encouragement and simple easy to apply property strategies families have been able to achieve remarkable results.

Most families would like to do better financially, give their children the things they never had and have a bit of financial security. With a guiding hand from TMAP families are able to realise their true financial potential faster than they dreamed possible.

Over the past 18 months TMAP has helped over six young people 19-22 purchase their first home with no savings, a low income and no help from their parents. After seeing the changes in these young peoples lives, they reached out to build a partnership with Driven Young.

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