Hear from our past members
Want to hear from our past members?
See the impact the program had on them? Checkout some videos and testimonial from past programs!
         Brodi | 23   
"Never in my life would I have expected to grow and be this inspired by people around me"
 Alex & Syama | 22, 24 
"I realised in this program that I can just be completely myself and everyone will love me for that"
 Beth | 23  
"My confidence has absolutely flourished and I am so happy to finish this, I am so proud of myself. People in my personal life can see the difference." 
 Elijah | 24
"I have become more intentional with my life, I want to go somewhere and I want to grab the steering wheel and take control of my life."
   Isa | 20   
"It has given me a reason to be here, it has given me people that I love and the opportunities to be better, my confidence and my happiness." 
 Nat | 25 
"The person who started this program is a complete shell of who i have become. Driven Young has just inspired me and made me a new person."
 Nicky | 25   
"It has been the most amazing experience I could have imagined. It has been absolutely life changing, I feel like a better person and I have made so many life long friends." 
 Tori | 22
"Having a big group of friends is something I always wanted... In three months I managed to find a whole group. I am not afraid to show who I am around these people."

Each program is supported by a team of volunteers!

All volunteers are past members who have come back to help support people through their experience.

Our volunteers are here to help take members through the process and support the team.

Want to find out more about the program, come along to our free info night session.
 Want to find out more about the program, come along to our free info night session.