Get access to over 15+ social events, 20+ workshops, 99+ internships and a community of incredible young people.

Welcome to the Sydney "Intentional Gap Year Program" Designed for Young People to Help Discover Who You Want to Become


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The much needed program that allows young adults to earn money, gain real world experience, build quality relationships, get access to world-class mentors through workshops, an online community, parties, social events, meetups and much more.

  • Revealed: The one issue all young people are struggling with right now and how to solve it
  • How to grow your friendship circle overnight and connect with people that motivate and inspire you.
  • Learn the life skills you should have been taught in high school from top mentors in Australia

Our Great Features

Here are just a handful of what is included in the Intentional Gap year program...

  • black tie formal
  • launch party
  • 99+ internships
  • bush retreat
  • bar crawls
  • bush hikes
  • work experience 
  • regular workshops
  • beach meetups

This program is the ultimate resume builder for any young people looking to grow their network, gain experience and learn skills that employers are desperately looking for.

Byron Dempsey

Founder of Driven Young

What you walk away with after the program

A life roadmap

A clear and proven path for to follow, removing the guess work and confusion.

Incredible friendships 

A community of young people sharing a common goal connecting with each other growing their network.

Mentorship / Motivation

Get access to Australias top experts across a variety of topics  such as personal finance, networking, career guidance, storytelling, creativity so you can avoid making their mistakes.

Real world experience for resume

Providing young people with multiple different career options to trial and taste before settling, plus the opportunity to travel Australia and work with amazing companies.

What others are saying about this program

Perfect balance between having fun whilst making connections

The gap year program is absolutely something I would have jumped at the chance of. It’s seems like the perfect balance between having a year of fun whilst also making connections by networking and gaining valuable experience.

elle wilmont  //  23 y/o

This program is eye opening 

This program has a very unique model and would definitely help many young people like myself who are about to graduate and want to network and meet new people but don’t have the connections to do so. I think it is so important to have exposure to a variety of industries and have a taste of practical experience before starting a uni degree. Unfortunately this is not part of the education system and should be.

Emily hausman  //  18 y/o

I had my eyes set on this program from the second I heard about it.

I had my eyes set on this program from the second I heard about it. With a focus on using experiences to educate I think that this program will be beneficial to anyone who participates. The unique design of using collaborative learning whilst maintaining a priority on individual growth really appealed to my eagerness for independence. Most of all I’m excited to meet the many like minded people in the program and grow my network with meaningful and long lasting relationships.

ethan medina  //  18 y/o

All this can be yours, right now, for free! It's time to take action now find out if the Intentional Gap year program is the right fit for you!

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