Recommended Resources

Stocks EXPLAINED & Simplified 

Learn how from this simple guide, which breaks down the complicated jargon and confusion, into 14 simple steps, what are stocks? How is there price determined? etc

Goal Setting Template!

Download the free goal setting template that is paired with Episode 45 of the Driven Young Podcast. Don't forget to post on your story and tag me so I can see!

Crypto & Micro Savings App - Bamboo!

Want to get started micro investing? Or Dip your toes into the Crypto Currency world? I highly reccomend checking out "Bamboo", I had the CEO come on the podcast and I am in love with how SIMPLE using this app is. I personally use it and it is a great way to save some money whilst also investing in the market.

larger Investments app (Managed fund) - Spaceship!

Spaceship is an incredible app that allows you to invest into a variety of tech companies. Spacehip is a managed fun meaning rather than owning lots of one stock, you own a small amount of many stocks. This means it is much safer as if one stock crashed you won't lose much. However if one stock skyrockets you won't make as much. So it is a low risk low reward strategy, however with the terrible interest rates right now I highly reccomend checking out a platform like this!

US Stocks investment App - Stake!

Here is my favouite platform to trade US stocks on from Australia. This app is beautifully designed and makes buying stocks in the top US companies ridiculously easy. Interested in investing into Tesla, Aribnb, Doordash, Amazon, Go Pro, Netflix? etc

This is the platform I reccomend. Unlike Spaceship you are investing in specific stocks, meaning if that company tanks you could lose it all, but if it has massive growth you could make lots of money. This is typically a higher risk higher reward platform.