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The World is Moving Fast

Australia's education system is failing us...

This isn't a secret, everyone knows what we are learning in school won't help us in the workforce or the "real world".

Topics like taxes, leadership, basic economic knowledge, communication, psychology and many other important skills are barely touched on.

Yet advance mathematical equations, and deep understanding of how cells work seems to be considered essential.

Despite the fact most people will never use those skills again.


Australia's current education system was developed in the late 1800's and was designed to create two types of people.

1. Factory workers 
2. Educators (professors ect)

The core of what we learn in school hasn't changed much, yet the world has changed more than we ever could have imagined.


Todays younger generation has more opportunity than any other generation in human history.

Thanks to technology and a progressive new world, there are over 10,000 jobs that didn't exist 5 years ago.

Yet the education system is still teaching us for the "traditional" jobs (doctors, engineers ect) that have been around for decades. Which is now a small percentage.

It's not the teachers fault...

A lot of people think Driven Young is against schooling and everyone involved. I had some incredible teachers growing up and almost every teacher I speak to agrees that what we are teaching kids in school is NOT relevant in todays economy.

The fact is teachers have to educate kids based of the curriculum they are given, otherwise their class will fail the exams and effect people trying to get into certain degrees.

The change needs to be made at the curriculum level.

Featured Episodes and Topics 

"R U OK's" Graeme Cowan Speaks Out About Depression For The Younger Generation and How It is Impacting us

"R U OK" Co-founder Graeme Cowan joins me on the podcast to discuss depression. How he has dealt with it on more than 6 separate occasions and how we both think it is affecting younger people in high-school and uni.

He shares with us his top tips for dealing with depression and how you can help someone who may be suffering.

How To Land a Job Straight out of Uni + Breaking Into a Creative Industry

Briony Benjamin is a creative and social media master when it comes to video. During her role as a content producer at one of Australia's biggest news and media outlet for woman, Mammamia.

We discuss how she started building her network while studying at uni which and how she was able to break into the creative industry by leveraging connections and thinking outside the box.

Money 101, How to Save and Build a Strong Financial Foundation In Your 20's

Entrepreneur/mortgage broker Aaron Christi David runs a company called Atelier wealth alongside his wife and specialises in helping people buy a home or investment property.

Today we talk about simple finance strategies, what is interest? Should you buy a home or travel? How to survive in Sydney, a powerful saving strategy and much more. 

Surviving a Year in The Bush | Living Like Our Ancestors and What It Means To Be Human

Today I am joined by a Survival expert and trained psychotherapist who runs camps and retreats in the Australian bush for kids, young adults and men and women.

Today we discuss Lee’s story, how he got into survival, what he has learned as a psychotherapist, how he was able to reconnect with himself after spending a year in the wilderness, the different ways men and women show emotion and much more.

"It is estimated that around 85% of the jobs that today’s learners will be doing in 2030 haven’t been invented yet."

About me

Byron Dempsey is the founder and host Driven Young and the Driven Young Podcast. 

With over 190,000 followers and over 150,000 podcast downloads Byron focuses on teaching practical life skills we didn’t learn in school.

Byron is also heavily involved with:

- The 530 Club

- Empower U

- Aussie Creatives Group

He believes Australia's education system is failing the next generation and life long goal is to help change Australia's education system so it is more focused on practical life skills we will actually use.

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