Join me in a Private group setting for 6 weeks! 

Join Byron Dempsey and other like minded young people for 6 weeks in a powerful environment where you can connect, build friendships, learn important life skills and get one on one access to Byron.

Introducing the Driven Young 6 week Program

This program takes students from being confused and directionless in life to understanding the array of career opportunities they have and finding their purpose. It does this by using our 5 step methodology and is presented by Byron Dempsey who was in your shoes only a few years ago.

Here’s What You’ll Get When You Sign Up

The course takes place online over zoom (LIVE) and will feature 6 modules over 6 weeks. Once the program starts, students will be expected to attend a 2 hour zoom session each week and take action from what they learnt. Each student will be assigned an accountability buddy and they will be held accountable to make sure the work is done as well as challengers each week to solidify their learnings.


Be surrounded by likeminded people from around the world who want to do more with their life and make an impact just like you. Having driven people around you is a crucial part to success especially in a time when we are so isolated thanks for COVID-19.


This course is not just consuming content. You will be expected to implement what you are taught and will be held accountable by the group and myself.“Intellect without implementation is ignorance, not intelligence"


I want to provide as much value as possible, in order to do that you will be assigned an accountability buddy who will check in on you to make sure you are keeping up to date and staying on track with your goals.


Get direct access to myself and some incredible guest speakers who often charge $1k+ p/h for their time. You will have the opportunity to ask myself and any of the mentors any questions. “Colleagues are a wonderful thing – but mentors, that’s where the real work gets done.”

"The program was life changing. I have learnt so much about topics that are not taught in the traditional education system such as personal finance, networking and goal setting. And at the same time, I was able to surround myself with such driven and ambitious people that motivated me to be the best version of myself."

Isabelle Lhotka ‧ 19 years old

What’s in the course?

The course is broken up into 6 weeks and each week involves a new Module exploring different but equally important ideas.


Module 1: Get to know your group!

This first session will be an introductory session for everyone to get to know one another. Environment is a big part of this program so it's important we all connect. I will also set you up with some systems and technology and give you a run down of my expectations from you and what we have planned over the next 6 weeks.


Module 2: Your MARK isn't everything 

This session with help dispel the idea that your end of school mark represents who you are, your intelligence and how successful you will be in life. I will break down the reality of what life is like after school and after university, discussing how we are conditioned by society and now social media to chase status driven careers as opposed to careers we enjoy.


Module 3: Building Your Network

How to grow your network having opportunities served to you on a silver platter. This session is all about networking. But not by going to business events. How to start networking NOW, using social media to your advantage and leveraging your youth. I have used this method to land all of my podcast guests and have made my best friends through this.


Module 4: Money & Finance 

Let's talk about MONEY! In this session, I will take you through why money is necessary but not everything. I will change your mindset on money and, hopefully, your relationship with money. We will take you through some simple saving techniques, the platforms to use and set you up with a budgeting tool. We will discuss the many avenues to create wealth including, real estate, stocks and business. The fact we do not learn about this in school blows my mind beyond belief, and it is the number one thing parents wish their kids could understand.


Module 5: Career Clarity 

Now you have learnt about how the world works, you understand your mark doesn't define you, and you know how to open doors. It is time to get practical and help give you some guidance to the array of career opportunities in 2020. And no, we will not be opening up a big textbook and picking a career. We will be getting practical and tactical so make sure you bring your pen and paper for this one. Using my signature 3 step system, you will have clarity around what you want to do and the immediate next steps by the end of this session.


Module 6: Goal Setting + 12 month game plan 

Goal setting is a fundamental part of life. We aren't taught this at school, so I will take you through how to set goals and what goals you should set in this session. By the end of this, you will walk away with a list of well-structured goals along with immediate next steps to achieve them. You will also walk away with a 12-month game plan.

About The Course Teacher, Byron Dempsey

Byron Dempsey is a top podcast host, entrepreneur and presenter. He specialises in teaching young people practical life skills we should have learnt in school. He is the host of the "Driven Young" podcast, the number one podcast for young people and

to date has amassed over 200,000 followers on social media through educational content.

His life long dream is to help change the education system so its more focused on practical life skills and we will actually use such as critical thinking, leadership, communication, networking, financial literacy, goal setting, managing relationships and more.

Don’t wait! Look at what past students have to say about this course

Christopher Jenner

22 yrs old


Loved the program! A great space for learning and being challenged.

"If you're interested in personal development and you're looking for an incentive to learn and meet likeminded people, then this is the program is for you."


20 yrs old


Just bloody do it!

"Great! Every section of the course was hosted and presented perfectly. Just bloody do it! If you want to grow alongside others, this is the perfect place."

Joshua Cappello

19 yrs old


Biggest takeaway was the network of the group, so many cool people that were sharing their ideas,

"The program was amazing in whole, I have taken away some foundational and actionable skills in going about my uni, personally and career. I would say that if you are in a bit of a lul or lost in the direction you are going, it would be a no brainer to do the course"


20 yrs old


AMAZING! Byron was very inclusive and welcoming from day 1. 

"I would say that this program is incredibly beneficial especially for our generation, it covers issues that every young person undoubtedly gets stressed about and by learning so many things that life and school hasn't taught us, makes an incredible impact on your life in only 6 weeks."

Ella Harp

17 yrs old


"It is 100% worth your time and money. It's a massive learning experience and you can definitely get a heap of value out of it. Plus it's 2 hours of your week to sit down and connect with people from all over whilst learning topics to help set you up for life."

Ryan Van

20 yrs old


"What do you have to lose? I was a bit apprehensive about the program because I had to leave my weekly Oztag team to join. But reflecting back on it, dropping Oztag was probably one of the best decisions I've ever made. Not only does Byron offer value upfront, with an emphasis on immediate action. But he also provides a close knit community of like minded individuals to push you outside your comfort zone - something which is hard to find, especially if you are aspiring to do more."


21 yrs old


Inspiring and lighthearted, while still being professional.

"It's worth the time. Don't limit yourself and your potential by not signing up. Before this program, I truely never thought about failing, I did things I knew id make it. Now I'm going to do things even if know I will fail."


17 yrs old


definitely do it, you will not regret it. be ready to take lots of notes

"It was amazing and I benefitted from everything that we did! I learnt that you can achieve anything, especially when creating connections and making goals. Definitely do it, you will not regret it. be ready to take lots of notes (if that's you thing!)"

Isabelle Lhotka

19 yrs old


Awesome! Byron brought a lot of thought provoking ideas into the discussion

It will be the best decision you ever made. You'll build connections with so many driven people who will motivate you to be the best version of yourself. Opportunities will seem abundant and you'll have a complete renewed perspective on the world.

Preparing you for the 2021 WORLD

Having spoken with hundreds of parents and students, I am yet to meet someone on this earth who disagrees that we should be learning more practical skills at school.

I have regular conversations with teachers who tell me they agree with what I teach and say, but they are restricted by the education system just like the students.

That is why I created this program. It is done outside of school hours and is only for those who are self motivated enough to commit to something like this.

The skills taught in this program are life long skills. And the earlier you can learn them in life the more these skills will benefit you and compound.

I have essentially created something I wish I had when I was younger. Instead of this program I spent years reading books, attending workshops and leaning from other speakers.

This program is everything I believe a young person needs to learn packaged and striped down to the most crucial and important parts.

Pricing Plan

regular program

Full access to the program!

  • Lifetime Access to recordings
  • Immediate Start for the next intake
  • Access to All Modules 
  • Access to a private group chat
regular program + weekly
1 on 1's with Byron

Full access to the program + get weekly 1 on 1 sessions to check in on your progress

  • Lifetime Access to recordings
  • Immediate Start for the next intake
  • Access to All Modules
  • Access to Private Group chat
  • Weekly 30 minute private coaching call
regular course

Full access to the program!

  • Lifetime Access to recordings
  • Immediate Start for the next intake
  • Access to All Modules
  • Access to a private group chat

Full access to the program + get weekly 1 on 1 sessions to check in on your progress


  • Lifetime Access to recordings
  • Immediate Start for the next intake
  • Access to All Modules
  • Access to Private Group chat
  • Weekly 30 minute private coaching calls


100% Satisfaction Guarantee for 30-Days

I 100% believe in what I am offering and I believe this program will change the way you think and view the world, teach you how to open doors and create opportunities plus connect with with a group of amazing people.

However, should the program not live up to your expectations or you don't feel like you got your moneys worth, I offer a 30 day money back guarantee no questions asked.

You will receive 100% of the money you invested back, however you will no longer have access to the group of the course content.

Frequently Asked Questions

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