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18 & Lost? So were we...

The Must Read Book For Every Driven Young Person

9 stories that show there is no perfect path after high school

What's This Book About?

18 & Lost? So Were We brings together the stories of 9 everyday young people who could not be more different to show that there is no perfect path after high school.

The years after leaving high school are difficult to navigate — now more than ever.

Young people now are more overwhelmed than ever before by the incredible array of options they are presented with, but leave high school unprepared to navigate what comes after.

18 & Lost? So Were We brings together nine everyday young people to share their stories of life after high school.

Not millionaires. Not 'ultra-successful' people. Not people who have all the 'answers'.

People like you – who not so long ago, sat where you sit now and were, in some way, lost too. Together, our stories try to show you that there is no perfect path after high school.

Byron Dempsey - founder of driven young

"If you are a listener of the Driven Young podcast or follow me online then this book was made for you. Every young Australian should read this book at some point in their lives."

The Book Highlights

9 Unique stories 

9 Authors. 9 Seperate stories that show there is no perfect path after high school.

Everyday Australians 

We are all everyday people like yourself, we weren't born into immense wealth or run multi million dollar companies.

A roadmap for life after school

This book will give you guidance as to what you should do after school, and how to approach life.

Showing you're not alone

You are not alone in how you feel. Overwhelmed? Lost? Confused? So were we.

Help Contribute to the future of education!

By ordering the book for you or your community, you not only support young people in your part of the world, but empower us to do more of our work in education and the alternate career path space.

"The big lie is that people have figured out their future. In this powerful and honest book, you'll discover that it's a journey, not a plan, and that you can lean into the possibilities that lie ahead. Essential reading for anyone in high school (and their parents)."

Seth Godin

Blogger, Author of "Stop Stealing Dreams"

Byron Dempsey

"It was such a privilege to be one of the authors in this book. This book is one of my proudest achievements and I hope you grab a copy!"

Host of the Driven Young podcast, Byron specialises in teaching young people practical life skills we don't learn in school.

With over 600,000 followers online and 400,000 podcast downloads he is passionate about all things education for Gen Z.

Byron Dempsey - CEO of Driven Young

We were in the same situation as you...

"I took seven years to do a three year degree... It's because I didn't do what I was interested in"

Joshua Hodge  //  Chapter 6

"I am here to look you straight in the eye and tell you about the greatest risk of all.. of taking the road most commonly travelled."

Tylah Jane  //  Chapter 3

"I felt like I had to go to university, it was my only option... otherwise I risked looking like a failure."

Byron Dempsey  //  Chapter 2

"I  studied a whole engineering degree before realising I didn't like engineering."

Marvin Glass  //  Chapter 5

Are you a High school?

Get a DISCOUNTED order when buying in bulk for your school or community, whether you're a teacher, or active parent or student.

Chapter Overview 

Here is just a taste of what the first 3 chapters look like in the book...

  1. 1
    Scott McKeon - Treat life after high school as a journey:  Scott shares his 4 rules for exploring the world, why he chose a 1 year scholarship over a 5 year scholarship, what is a career adviser and how should you use one?
  2. 2
    Byron Dempsey - Using your youth to explore your passions: Byron shares a story of two people who take two different pathways, analysis's why they took them, talks about his biggest challenge becoming an entrepreneur and how you can overcome them.
  3. 3
    Tylah McConnell - Self Abandonment and rediscovery: Tylah shares how she discovered her life along dream ended up being something she didn't want, what she learnt by going on exchange in Sweden, the symptoms of abandonment and much more.

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