Sometimes a simple reminder of how good you have it can help shift your perspective on life.
In a world of social media, our younger people have been slam-dunked in the face by comparison.
You can have excuses or results. But you can’t have both. And most people are full of excuses. Don’t wish it was easier; wish you were better.
We talk about life like it hasn’t quite arrived yet, just survive highschool, just go to uni, just get a job, just fall in love, just eat less food, just breathe.
Although I have ordered this list, each idea is unique and meaningful as a stand-alone concept. Although this first idea is crucial, that doesn’t mean it is an essential idea. I would argue the final statement of this series is potentially the most important one on this list. So what is the first idea you should stop doing in your twenties? I can hear you asking.

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