The Story

I started the Driven Young Podcast as a way to help educate and inspire the younger generation. There are plenty of amazing podcasts out there but I find very few tailors their content to those in high-school and uni. Even the ones that claim they do seem to go off track and fail to keep their message clear and simple for the younger generation to understand.

I believe our world is changing so fast, the current education system can’t keep up and is left teaching us old and outdated skills no longer relevant in the workplace.

This podcasts explores what I believe should have been taught in school and aims to help people realise the world is different from when their parents grew up and we must make relevant decisions based on the world we live in currently not the world people used to live in.

The Problem:

Our education system isn't keeping up with the rapidly changing world and we are being taught irrelevant skills most people will never use.

School's teaching style only accommodates to two of the eight learning types. Giving a massive advantage to those who learn by reading, taking notes and consuming content.

But a massive disadvantage to those who learn visually or practically.

The Solution:

The overall solution is to change Australia's curriculum, but my first step is the podcast.

The podcast allows me to bring on professionals about topics I think we should be learning in school and provide high quality information to 15- 23 year olds.

Driven Young puts out blog posts, video clips and audio of each episode so you can consume the content whichever way you prefer.

About me

After graduating high-school I decided to try my luck and enter straight into the workforce as a freelance filmmaker. I quickly landed a job with Glen Carlson as his videographer making social media videos to build his personal brand.

Two years later and I have started my own company and now run full online marketing campaigns leveraging social media video to help generate leads for clients and build their personal brand through podcasting.

After learning so much in just two years I quickly realised how useless majority of what I learned in school was and I was forced to overcome simple challenges such as doing my taxes and running a business.

I personally have learned so much from podcasts and wanted to create my own as a way to distribute as much useful content I can create for the younger generation. My goal is to help change Australia's education system for the better so we are better prepared for the real world.

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