The skill every Gen Z needs to develop

I there is one thing our generation suffers from most… I could argue it’s a severe lack of patience.

This isn’t our fault; this isn’t your fault.

We have been conditioned since birth to lack patience due to rapidly changing technology. Our generation is blessed with technological advantages that allow us to skip years of learning and get information at any time we want.

BUT… Technological change presents us with disadvantages as well. We can get anything we want at the swipe of a finger. If we want food but can’t be bothered to cook… Uber eats.

We can watch almost any movie at any time, we no longer watch T.V. shows one week at a time. We binge them in a week.

  • Movies 
  • T.V. shows
  • Porn 
  • Food
  • Information about anyone 

So you can see what I mean when I say its not your fault. And if you had terrible parents, that might have just thrown an iPad in your face whenever you winged or moaned, contributing to your lousy patience every more.

Graeme Cohen


  “We have lost the ability to daydream, to sit still.”

Having our phones in our pockets at all time has completely squashed our ability to be alone. To sit still and be with our thoughts. The second we are alone we pull it out and start scrolling or messaging.

I know this because I do It as well. And it is something I am continually working on improving. 


 How does this affect us long term?

Unicorn companies like Uber, Airbnb, Facebook, Google ect have lead us to crave instant business success.

How many people have the goal “be a millionaire but 25, be a millionaire by 30”. Why? And More importantly, how? 

Building a business, a personal brand or climbing up the ladder in business requires time. It requires patience and a lot of learning. You can’t just start something and expect it to grow to a million in 6 months.

Two of my best mates started a company in January 2020, and they hit $1m in revenue in August 2020. But let's look at what it took to achieve $1m in 7 months.

They have been in small business and marketing for over a decade. They have started multiple companies and failed. They have gone through business training programs and worked for top marketing companies in Australia. They also spent a year before launching developing, creating and designing their product whilst still working part-time jobs to survive.

Their rapid success looks rapid on paper, but when you analyse it deeper, you will see it actually required a lot of patience and lots of learning.

“It took me 17 years and 114 days to become an overnight success”

- lionel messi

All these “Tik Tok Entrepreneurs” and “gurus” online selling you course that claim you will become financially free or instantly successful make millions of dollars scamming people because everyone wants instant success and instant wealth. They prey on that factor.

Lets take BITCOIN. 

Or Crypto currency, When Bitcoin blew up, people made millions seemingly overnight. This lead millions of people to invest into crypto and bitcoin, which meant that price of these currencies decreased. Everyone invested because they wanted instant results and wanted to double their money now.

The S&P 500 is a very safe place to invest your money. It is a low risk low reward scenario. But it is low reward short term… The S&P500 has increased consistently by 10% over the past 100 years. Meaning long term you can make a lot of money.


So if I could wish one skill on young people it would be patience, followed very closely by self-discipline, the two are tied together.

Start analysing yourself. Every time you are alone, do you pull out your phone?

Can you sit by yourself and be comfortable?

Are you chasing an instant money opportunity?

You can make money from literally anything

Please pay attention to this.

I genuinely believe that in today's modern world you can make money from anything.

So what does this mean?

I am saying, whatever you love, whatever you are passionate about, whatever excites you… You can make a living doing that. It does not matter how obscure that is.

Gary Vaynerchuck wrote a book called "Crushing It" where he explores the stories of people making a living doing the most bizarre things. He interviews YouTubers, content creators, men, women, boys and girls all doing something they love.

Now there is one skill you need to make this happen. That skill is marketing.

If you can develop your marketing skills, you can build an audience around anything. There are people making millions a year through dungeons and dragons. Their job is to play dungeons and dragons every week with their friends.

There are people making money selling slime, people selling their handcraft jewellery; there are even people selling "terrible" paintings that you or I could make in 10 minutes.

How could someone sell a painting that looks like it's done by a kindergarten? Marketing.

The world we live in is overwhelming, and we are faced with thousands of job choices. It can be challenging to choose from. This is creating massive levels of anxiety and stress for younger people, but on the other side, it means we can do whatever we want in life.

We aren't trapped like previous generations—my grandad since birth would either be a builder, farmer or a carpenter. My Mum, admitted to me she didn't even consider studying medicine because back then it was very rare for a woman to become a doctor.

Our generation doesn't have these obstacles and thanks to social media and the internet, we can create a living doing literally anything, if we put in the work and leverage online marketing.

So start thinking about what it is you love and what excites you.

It might be elephants?

Let's say you love elephants, you start an Instagram page "the_elephant_girl" and post content every day about elephants. You post strange facts, and you repost cute and funny viral videos you find online. You stay up to date on all elephant news, when one is poached in Africa, you post that and demand justice.

Over the next 12 months, you build an audience of people who love elephants just like you. You then get invited to speak on animals rights podcast; you get asked to be interviewed on other small shows.

Twenty-four months later you have a large audience of people online and a community of elephant lovers. You create bracelets and sell them for $15 each.

Anyone who wears this bracelet proudly supports elephants. Suddenly you get an email. It is someone asking you to be interviewed for an upcoming David Attenborough documentary.

You are now making a full income selling items and doing brand sponsorships. All because you love elephants.

So if you are reading this thinking you have to be a lawyer, or you have to be an accountant because you need to be financially stable, I would encourage you to reconsider it is what you love and what excites you. And even if you work as an accountant now, you can be building this audience and brand online for the next 24 months in your spare time.

Because it isn't going to come over night...