The White Village Analogy

I want you to imagine you live in a beautiful village with your family and friends. The village is relatively peaceful and surrounded by a massive white wall.

For generations, the villagers have lived here hunting deer and pigs. The only two animals that exist within the village walls. They eat the same berries and fruit as they always have and live very safe, predictable lives. Many of the villagers love living this safe life as it gives them security. But the ones who don’t have been told since birth to stay away from the white wall.

The white wall is forbidden to go near and forbidden to climb. Nobody knows why. This has been the rules and passed down each generation.

They say a man who climbed the walls created the rule and refuses to tell anyone what he says on the other side.

One day a boy decided to climb the wall...

He doesn’t understand why the wall is forbidden, and no one can give him a straight answer “it’s just the way it is”.

The boy climbs higher and higher, and as he does, people start yelling at him from the bottom to stop. They tell him how dangerous it is and how he might miss out on his chance to live life in the village.

The boy keeps climbing regardless of what everyone is saying.
He finally reaches the top of the wall.

As he does he stands up and looks around, he cant believe what he sees.
A village ten times larger with hundreds of different animals and plants. No walls are surrounding this village. The boy can’t believe his eyes. Is this what we have been missing out on all these years.

He looks down, this village seems much more unsafe, but there are so many animals and opportunities here. He looks back down at his safe village, there is beauty in safety and knowing what your life will look like for the rest of your life.

If you haven’t picked up on it yet. The village within the walls represents the “traditional pathway” we have been told to follow since birth. Go to school - high-school - uni - work - retire - die. This is within the village thinking. It is pretty safe, yes. Because you have a clear trajectory to follow, but we are missing out on so much by not climbing the wall.

Understating that there are SO many options and pathways outside of university or outside the wall and although it might be riskier, I think everyone needs to climb the wall at least to see what’s on the other side.

Even if you decide to go down a traditional path and go back into the village at least, you are aware of what's on the other side.