Stop Starting and Start finishing

If you are anything like me, you might be a victim of starting but never finishing.


Because it is so exciting to conceptualise a project, to sit down, brainstorm and come up with all these fantastic ideas. But when it comes to actually implementing them over a long period, we get bored and give up or simply stop.

I used to do this in school. When a teacher would read out a new assignment, I would get excited and think about what I can do, which subject I would choose and how I could make mine different from the rest. But when it came to actually do it, I would get bored, tired and leave it to the last minute.

Probably the BIGGEST example I see of this is starting a podcast. As someone who has been podcasting for nearly a year and done over 32 episodes, I see this way too often.

Starting a podcast is such a fun idea. But when it comes down to implementing it, getting the equipment and coming up with new ideas for a show each week, that excitement dies and turns into repetitive annoyance. 

It's commonly said that if a new podcast series reaches 7 episodes, this is the magic number where the show is more likely to keep going.

- thepodcasthost.com -

If you are reading this and think you might be a victim of this then good. Now you are aware and can catch yourself out whenever you start but don’t finish.

Seeing that well-designed book cover is exciting, reading the first chapter is exciting... 
But many people will start a book and won’t finish. If you aren’t enjoying it, that’s fine. But don’t jump between book after book never finishing one.

You need to stop starting, and start finishing. Don’t give yourself permission to start a new project until you have completed the first one.

By focusing on one project you are able to have laser focus on that, instead of distributing your focus across many projects, so you end up giving up on them all and start a new exciting one.

Very VERY few people in the world can properly multitask on multiple projects at one. Most will end up giving up on them all and find some new projects to work on:

This is a dangerous loop to get caught, almost all entrepreneurs get caught in this. Entrepreneurs are entrepreneurs because they wanted to start something.

We are the biggest victim of starting but never finishing. I have seen this SO many times with people I worked with and the events I attended.

So if you catch yourself continually starting, but never finishing. Step back and remember.

Stop starting and start finishing.

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