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Driven Young

The #1 podcast network in Australia dedicated to educating and inspiring the younger generation about practical life skills.

The World is Moving FAST

Australia's education system is failing us...

This isn't a secret, everyone knows what we are learning in school won't help us in the workforce or the "real world".

Topics like taxes, leadership, basic economic knowledge, communication, psychology and many other important skills are barely touched on.

Yet advance mathematical equations, and deep understanding of how cells work seems to be considered essential.

Despite the fact most people will never use those skills again.




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Driven Young

The main podcast that started it all, Driven Young is hosted by Byron Dempsey and interviews people from all different facets in life. Teaching practical life skills this podcast focuses on an array of topics aimed at providing a holistic education to young adults.

Consent & Consequences

This podcast aims to provide in-depth education when it comes to: Sexual assault awareness, Consent, Age, Alcohol, The Law, definitions And so much more... Join Byron Dempsey as he interviews one of Australia’s most respected communicators in the field of workplace harassment, bullying and discrimination Brent Sanders. 

the530club Podcast

The podcast for the Australia wide movement "530 Club". Join not just Byron Dempsey and Auri Schibli, but the 530 club members who want to share how 5:30 club has changed their life! The 530 Club This podcast is our way to capture tips, tricks, and stories for you to listen and get inspired by.

An Archaic Education System

Australia's current education system was developed in the late 1800's and was designed to create two types of people.

1. Factory workers 
2. Educators (professors ect)

The core of what we learn in school hasn't changed much, yet the world has changed more than we ever could have imagined.

More Opportunity Than Ever Before

Todays younger generation has more opportunity than any other generation in human history.

Thanks to technology and a progressive new world, there are over 10,000 jobs that didn't exist 5 years ago.

Yet the education system is still teaching us for the "traditional" jobs (doctors, engineers ect) that have been around for decades. Which is now a small percentage.

Who is Driven Young For?

High School / Uni Students

This podcast is aimed at young students either in Highschool or university who are looking to grow as a person and hear relatable stories from other people their own age.

Gen Z who want more out of life

The Driven Young podcast is aimed at Gen Z. We find there are very few podcasts or educational podcasts aimed at Gen Z and have decided to fill the whole and create relatable content specifically for this generation

Beginner Entrepreneurs

Although this is not a business podcast, many of our listeners have a dream to be self employed and start their own business/brand. This is a big part of the Driven Young podcast and is done in a open minded way highlighting the reality and difficulties of business as well as the opportunities it presents.

Those who feel lost and overwhelmed

Most importantly this podcast is aimed at those who feel overwhelmed, lost and directionless in life. This podcast aims to provide some clarity around your career and immediate next steps to take to figure out what you want to do with your life.

Some of the main topics covered

We cover many topics on Driven Young, but here are some of the main topics we focus on throughout our shows.

Money and finance

The number one thing I believe we should have learnt in school, this is one of the hottest topics we cover with Driven Young, Saving, stocks, interest, inflation etc.


Not just romantic relationships but relationships with our friends our parents and most importantly with ourself.

Health and nutrition 

Having had multiple health professionals on the show, this is an important topic that we believe should gar far beyond just the food pyramid. 

Sexual Assualt & consent

This is a topic we find very few people cover, but at Driven Young we have dedicated an entire podcast to this topic.

Growth mindset 

What is a growth mindset? Mindset is one of the most important thing when it comes to living a happy and successful life!

Building your network

"Your network is your net-worth". In the 2021 world this is one of the most valuable skills you can have and we teach a very simple way of building yours.

Just a few of the Guests

Brent Sanders

Sexual assault | consent and consequences

Taylor Price 

gen z financial management | Money and finance 

Lee Trew

Survivalist expert | Mental wellness for men

Mandy Dante

Mental wellbeing for Young women

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I'm Byron Dempsey

Byron Dempsey is the founder and host Driven Young and the Driven Young Podcast.
With over 230,000 followers and over 200,000 podcast downloads Byron focuses on teaching practical life skills we didn’t learn in school.

Byron is also heavily involved with:

- The 530 Club Movement 
- Empower U (personal development event for teenagers)
- Aussie Creatives Group

He believes Australia's education system is failing the next generation and life long goal is to help change Australia's education system so it is more focused on practical life skills we will actually use

Driven Young Founder

Real Testimonials

Hey Byron my name is Angelina and im from Canada 🇨🇦. I’m a big fan of your podcast. I originally found out about it on tiktok of course. They have taught me so much and inspired me even though I am only 14. I’m new to the whole podcast thing but I’ve only found yours the only interesting one because of how many different things you talk about. I’ve even convinced my parents to listen to the podcast and they even have been learning new things. I just wanted to let you know that you have a big impact on my life in the past couple of months. I know you don’t get paid for these podcast so I’m trying to spread the good word about it:) I will definitely be the first to buy your book! Oh and I absolutely love the intro. It always gets me pumped.

Angelina Chevrier


Hello thought i’d reach out. I’m 19 years old and only the lockdown has made me really consider both my physical mental and professional development. Just sat and watched your podcast with Ryan Herrington. Absolutely loved every minute of it from both sides of the table. Got so much value from it, and look forward to watching your next podcast. Would be great to do an EP2 and catch up with Ryan next year to see where the next 12 months have taken him! Will be tuning into every podcast now! Wish you the best for the year! Inspiring!

Ollie Kennedy


hey, I’m a 13 year old girl from Norway, and I love listening to your podcast. I listened to episode 52, and I just want to say that i’m really grateful for you talking about this. I have been feeling really depressed lately, bcs I feel like i’m not living for me anymore. I go to school, and after that i’ll start studying, and then get one of those normal and boring jobs that don’t even interest me. You explained it so good in that episode. It’s like i’m trapped. Everyone asked me what I wanna be when I grow old, but the truth is that I just want to be free. I want to do what I want. I just wanna live, and feel like my life matter, and that I can be able to make a difference. I just want to thank you for everything you do. I really appreciate it

Solveig Conradi-Eriksen


It's Not The Teachers Fault

A lot of people think Driven Young is against schooling and everyone involved. I had some incredible teachers growing up and almost every teacher I speak to agrees that what we are teaching kids in school is NOT relevant in todays economy.

The fact is teachers have to educate kids based of the curriculum they are given, otherwise their class will fail the exams and effect people trying to get into certain degrees.

The change needs to be made at the curriculum level.

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